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François Morin


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Age, what year were you born?

33 and born in 1987

Where are you from and describe where you grew up

I was born in Gatineau Québec when my dad was posted in Ottawa with the Navy, grew up as a Navy bratt living everywhere around the country from BC, Montréal and Halifax. I graduated high school in Naples Italy and went to college in Quebec City.

Where are you currently living?

I’ve been living in St John’s Newfoundland for over 10 years now.

When were you first introduced to kendama?

I’ve been flipping balisongs for over 12 years now and I’ve had followers mentioned kendama a few times, was really committed to Balisong back then so I didn’t really pay attention to it much at first, then I saw one at Canadian tire and bought that and fell in love

How were you introduced to Sweets?

Once I found a few local guys that were slaying dama, they had a damas, some kroms, kusas and sweets I knew I had to get a brand name kendama. Eventually found some old sweets on Scooter Alley online, scooter shop in NB, they had f3 « natty cushions » on sale for 9$, so I got 3 and a OG HG birch cushion and that was my first time playing sweets and feel in love with cushion clear.

What players did you look up to / inspired you at the beginning and now.

At the beginning I didn’t know much about the community other than what I saw in youtube, so like Jake weins and all the KUSA crowd. Now I get inspired by the community as a whole, hard to pin point one player in particular because there’s so many slayers

What’s your favourite trick?

Dunks have really been a my jam lately and C-whips but ultimately around tricks for me will always be my favorite, somethings satisfying about doing a 3 trick times after every cup idk

What trick was the most satisfying grind? / took the longest to lace and film?

extended around extended around stalls was a solid year on/off trying to get it. Longest one session grind was around Canada to handle. A solid 2,5 he straight.

What’s your favourite style of play? Casual, grind for a bang, freestyle, competition?

Favourite is to sesh until I find a trick i can grind and film till I lace, but nothing beats playing games of Ken with the homies

What’s your favourite edit?


What’s your favourite setup?

changes all the time but right now my v25 minty green is hella honed

What’s your favourite wood type?

beech is king

Cush or Shticky?

cush gang

Any bad habits while playing?

I like the bevel before every trick even when I don’t need to lol

What are some of your other passions besides kendama?

Balisong and Ultimate Frisbee. Skateboarding was my first big addiction though, I’ll always skate

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