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Quinn Hall


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Age, what year were you born?

I am 29 years old and was born in 1991 :)

Where are you from and describe where you grew up

I was born in a city called Brantford in Canada,Ontario !

( where Wayne Gretzky was born ! )

Grew up outside of the city,  in the peaceful country and had a great childhood out there . Lived in a little town for most of my life called otterville ! No otters were ever found haha

Where are you currently living?

I am currently living in a lovely city called Guelph :)

When were you first introduced to kendama?

End of 2016 and didn't start playing everyday untill may 2019!

How were you introduced to Sweets?

I ended up going to a couple of kendama meet ups in Toronto and saw a bunch of people using sweets,  so I tried a couple and loved them ! The reed stark mod especially.  So I purchased one and loved it but went back and forth with other companies and near the time of my sponsor , I purchased alot of sweets and got addicted to the brand.

What players did you look up to / inspired you at the beginning and now.

The beginning was wyatt bray for sure ! He blew my mind how casually he slayed ! Then slowly I branched off into liking a handful of players equally because everyone's play style is so different.  So it was like Adrian and Ben and Chris shonuff for string tricks at first and then players like bonz and Teodore for crazy unique flow tricks and now its players like Gino, Carter and Dylan westmore for crazy juggle/ fasthands/instas/taps and loon bangers! So inspiring!

What’s your favourite trick?

Stunt penguin fast hands ;)

What trick was the most satisfying grind? / took the longest to lace and film?

It was a clip that actually had sweets Canada notice me :) 

it was a : 


Ghost lighthouse 

Flip to loon

Stunt penguin fast hands 

Nothing amazing now but at the time I never did penguin fast hands and I incorporated it into stunting a loon was a trick I never thought I would lace . Took me about 2 hours 😤

What’s your favourite style of play? Casual, grind for a bang, freestyle, competition?

Honestly I cannot pick one because I play all those styles! I play competitive against myself,  yet I just have fun and at the same time and love to rock freestyle when I am in a flowy mood ! Then definitely have days that I want to grind a trick for hours on end . So I'm a hybrid player ;)

What’s your favourite edit?

Carter justices "Clouds and Loons" POV edit , 3 months ago ! Great perspective , with the pov and the tricks carter pulls off blew my mind . 

2nd would have to be Gino and Carters new edit from a month ago or so :) on of the craziest duos

What’s your favourite setup?

At the moment it is 3 set ups. Splice , v26 northern lights and the subtronics mod

What’s your favourite wood type?

Full maple ken with a sexy cherry tama on top ;)

Cush or Shticky?

Its 50/50 with me guys! Cant say I love cush or sticky but cush definitely helps a lot during cold weather, where sticky just doesn't work in the cold (I personally find) so stick is amazing during the summer time / indoors, just have to watch them sweaty hands, for either paint types, in that situation. If it came to indoor jamming, sticky!

Any bad habits while playing?

Getting worked up over a grind way too quickly at times.  It's all passion and I have been working on it alot but I have to not get so worked up at times and just breathe and have fun . That's what the grind is about tho! Control 💙

What are some of your other passions besides kendama?

Back 3 or 4 years ago , I was very passionate about long boarding . Just in the cruising and find awesome hills to ride straight down on

 ( hardly bombed hills ) but I I a lot of buddies i was long boarding with at the time and it was great ! Just hurt myself alot from always the smallest rock on a hill and would eat the pavement and be all scabbed up for weeks. Wasn't fun and I just stopped completely and started walking everywhere haha 

Great memories I will never forget!

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