Thrift Shop


  • Sales from consigned items will be split 70/30 in YOUR favour between Sweets Canada and the Seller (You).

  • Once purchase has been complete, profits will be sent within 3 business days over PayPal, E-Transfer, or Store Credit

  • All items you are looking to sell must be shipped to Sweets Kendamas Canada at your expense.

  • Once an item has been listed for sale, there are no returns or early compensations.

  • Condition of all products are as shown in pictures.

  • Any questions or concerns can be directed to

Getting Started!

  1. Package your Kendama(s) in a SECURE box.

  2. Price your Kendama(s) reasonably. The better the price, the faster it'll sell!

  3. Email Brae@SweetsKendamasToronto for confirmation, OUR shipping address, and YOUR transaction information for your compensation!

  4. Send your Kendama(s) our way, and we'll take care of the rest!